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Merchandise and sustainability - What can you do yourself?

Sustainability is important and we can do a lot ourselves when it comes to clothes. Therefore, here are some tips on how to best fit your merchandise clothing. You might as well enjoy it for as long as possible.

Textiles / clothing have been a major culprit for many decades, but fortunately much has happened in the field of sustainability in recent years.

One thing is what manufacturers do in this area, but you can actually do a lot yourself without having to take more of your time.

How many degrees should you wash at?

The first thing you can do is actually use your clothes for much longer. If you wash your clothes at a maximum of 30 degrees, do not rinse and turn inside out. Then you can actually extend the life of the clothes for a really long time - The same goes for the print on your clothes

But don't worry, your clothes will be more than clean at 30 degrees. Today, detergents are so effective that it is extremely rare to need to wash at higher degrees.

Rinse aid - A great sinner

Next thing is rinse aid, this point is probably one of the biggest culprits ever. Almost all fabric softeners you can buy today (with VERY few exceptions) are loaded with surfactants, which are really bad for nature. It also wears a lot more on the material itself and the actual pressure on the clothes.

You may be saying to yourself; well i love the soft feeling when i use fabric softener. It is true that it gets a little softer, however, we can say with certainty that once you get used to using it, over time you will feel that it is soft enough without too.

The dryer should have a cold shoulder

Many people today use the dryer too much. Often it is not necessary at all - especially in summer.

Most of our products on Supermerch.dk are made of cotton and cotton, no matter how good the quality, is not very suitable for the dryer. A t-shirt can actually shrink up to an entire size and if unlucky also lose some of its shape.

Over time, the fibers become more worn and damaged, making the material more susceptible to losing its shape and causing holes in the clothing.

Therefore, you should always hang your clothes to dry. If you think it is too wet, then you can spin the clothes a little extra at LOW rpm. Just enough to make it not so wet.

There is always more you can do to protect the environment and have a sustainable profile. But if you do as we recommend above, then you will no doubt enjoy your clothes for much longer. Overconsumption is something that should be addressed by everyone who sells clothes, because both we and the consumers have a responsibility.

Remember, it takes so little before we can make a small difference.

Best regards

Team Supermerch.dk

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