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Movie Review: The Suicide Squad

Now DC has finally got some self-irony

Then this is finally, Suicide Squad the movie we all knew could be made but had given up until today. The characters in Suicide Squad are here to remind us not to take the whole superhero world too seriously. Sometimes its only job is just a good deal, extremely violent, bloody and colorful, funny!

Yes, we all loved Christopher Nolan's dark Batman trilogy, but after endless attempts to copy this formula, which for the most part has become more depressing than dark. Then they have finally found the right recipe, and yes it is borrowed from Marvel.

The film has James Gunn in the director's chair, while Taika Waititi also has a small role, the two directors who brought Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok to the Marvel Universe. You can clearly see the wild creative freedom this brings, their style shines through clearly, while creating something completely unique in Suicide Squad.

Is there a woman in need? No

Margot Robbie is back in the role of Harley Quinn and what a gift it is for the audience, the role has become synonymous with her and finally the film is worthy of her.

In early films, she has often felt out of place, like a bomb in the middle of a field: impressive, but everything around her is just flat. This is not the case this time, the depressing dark tones have been replaced with flowers, birdsong and lots of nice red blood!

She no longer carries the whole movie on her shoulders, she just has to play her role, she finally gets some great scenes and brain exploding action! One of the absolute best scenes of the film is where the concept of the woman in need, who can do nothing herself, is absolutely made completely laughable. Harley Quinn is no longer just there to wear tight clothes and bend forward, here she is an absolute bad-ass!

James Gunn is the real hero

Even though the movie is full of villains and anti-heroes, we have to turn to the other side of the camera to find a real hero. James Gunn, has saved The Suicide Squad, an ingenious concept that was destroyed from the start has now been born again, thanks to James!

The man who breathed new (and much-sought-after) life into the Marvel universe, with a little movie that absolutely no one expected anything from: Guardians of the Galaxy, it's on my list of the best Marvel movies (After Thor: Ragnarok).

The match between him and this film has been sent to us from above: the music, the humor and the colorful design, exceed any expectation! He's really put all critics of him to shame after Marvel threw him at the gate!

People know what they want, they want more James Gunn! That's also why we can look forward to a Guardians of the Galaxy 3, after fans and actors together protested his firing, causing Marvel to crawl back and ask for forgiveness. But in the meantime, Gunn has become the master of two superhero Universes!

DC's Ragnarok

Suicide Squad breaks all norms for the DC Universe, it still does not reach the level of Marvel's 8 best movies, but it's a huge step in the right direction for DC Comics movies!

The character is funny, complex and extremely tough! The design and story are carefully planned, while at the same time it seems more free than ever before and it is without a doubt the funniest thing that has come out of the DC Universe!


There are endless fun characters and a 100% guarantee of a great cinema experience. Suicide Squad is a highlight of the modern DC Universe!

5 Stars

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