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Movie Review: Black Widow

Movie Review: Black Widow

If you come across the female version of the spider Black Widow, who in addition has a strong interest in sexual cannibalism (where the female eats the male after mating), is Latrodectus hesperus also known for engaging in sibling cannibalism. And should one be as unlucky as a human being to encounter such a lady hour, one risks severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps and muscle spasms. This, of course, only materializes if the widow is frightened or otherwise feels threatened.

The female Russian species of the kind, Marvel`s Black Widow´, first appeared as a Marvel cartoon under her original name: Natascha Romanova in 1964. She was quickly connected to another Marvel Avenger, namely: Hawkeye, and then became finally in 1966 a regular part of vAvengers´.

In 2010, Black Widow appears for the first time on the big screen in the form of Scarlett Johansson, in the Marvel movie ´Iron Man 2´. Six more times, Scarlett Johansson appears as `Black Widow 'in Marvel's large-scale series, where, as you know, she last had to die in' Avengers: Endgame 'from 2019.

Ever since the premiere of ´Iron Man 2´, there has been talk that Marvel's leading female ´Avengers´ superhero should have her own solo film. But it has unfortunately only been possible after her death, with a solo premiere here in 2021, added a lot of corona obstacles. Since the original release date in May 2020, the film has been further delayed three times.

And to make matters worse, Disney Studios has chosen to release `Black Widow 'as a simulant release on Disney + and in some theaters. The worst thing is to be a Marvel fan in Denmark, because if you are, for example. Copenhageners, you can only see the film in the Park cinema and in Valby Kino. Nordic film cinemas have declared a minor war zone against the Disney mastodon, as they are dissatisfied with the business method.

This seems a bit like a mudslide. Popcorn in a Nordic film cinema costs resp. 32, - 37, - 42, - and 49, - for resp. children, small, medium and large popcorn. You may not earn as much on a Disney title as you used to, but AL business is ALL business, right?

Disney is probably in the end quite indifferent to a little "Happyland" like us, for `Black Widow´ has since its premiere on July 9 this year, broken all hitherto pandemic cinema records after its release and has so far earned over 214 million cinema dollars worldwide and the film also earned $ 60 million dollars in Disney + global revenue just in its opening weekend. The 60 million dollars can also go directly into Disney's pocket, as there are no "middlemen" like Nordisk Film who must have a fixed part of the profit. If Nordisk Film continues this strategy, there are only two losers: Nordisk Film and Danish Disney / Marvel fans.

´Down in the Park´ at Østerbro.

Since I have not seen a Marvel movie in the cinema since 2019, and since I do not "bother" to pay 179, - DKK to see `Black Widow´ on Disney +, I and my wife chose to watch the latest Marvel (mak?) work in Østerbro cinema Park.

The Park Theater is originally from 1926 and was in 1937 almost burned to the ground when a lost cigarette butt in a box after the last performance, caused the cinema to be totally destroyed. The fire caused a general smoking ban, which fortunately applies to this day.

The hall was packed at 6:20 pm and we got to the top of the good service with cola and chocolate coffee on mugs. The customers were a motley crowd of all age groups, with a gender distribution of 50/50, who all seemed genuinely interested in "saving" 69, - against seeing Scarlett Johansson on the big screen. Park's ticket price is typically DKK 110 each.

Did we get the action then?

We're back in 2016, so it would be a good idea to revisit the two Captain America films `The Winter Soldier´ from 2014 and` Civil War´ from 2016

The two surrogate daughters Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova, live idyllically in 1995's Ohio with their Russian undercover agent parents, the super soldier Alexei Shostakov and the Black Widow agent Melina Vostokoff , as an almost normal family. But the idyll breaks as the sisters unknowingly have to flee to Cuba, fleeing the United States and a lot of secrets.

They meet the mysterious General Dreykov, who seemed to know more than he shows, and the girls are captured. The film then jumps on to 2016 where Natasha now works for SHIELD as she is now a refugee for violating the Sokovia agreements.

She later meets her old "sister" Yelena, whom she has not seen for years and together they take the battle against the mysterious ´Taskmaster´. They also meet their "parents" after a prison escape. But everything seemed to have changed. This is the prelude to one of the darkest chapters in the Marvel universe, where the secrets are queuing up for our heroine sisters.

Like so many other Marvel fans, I'm wildly excited about the booming ´Avengers´ movies from 2012-2019, but otherwise it's the three ´Captain America´ movies from 2011-2016 that I put the most enthusiasm into. somewhat realistic "Bond" -like over the scenario, and it is fortunately also most in these "settings" that `Black Widow´ excels. Especially in a nice "grounded" motorcycle hunt through the streets of Budapest, with the villain and assassin `Taskmaster` right in the heel, I sat and squeezed my cola so hard that it almost ended up as sugar-free.

`Black Widow´'s mostly looks like the female Bond movie we never got from the MGM studios or the gender-scared Bond writer Ian Fleming. In some funny Bond "homages", our heroine is seen as `Moonraker´ from 1979 and as a spoof on both the` Pussy Galore´ and `Goldfinger´ masterpiece from 1964, Miss Romanoff is called Fanny Longbottom. Natasha Romanoff acts as a female Russian Cold War version of the agent whose past and future may seem hopeless, even when we are in exotic Morocco. But since we are in Marvel country, there is a lot of hope in the many CGI explosions, which unfortunately are too many in the end.

I'm a little sorry for Scarlett Johansson's character `Black Widow '. For now, she has FINALLY got her own solo film, albeit posthumously, and then the bi-characters shine stronger, so that the main character appears more like `Black Shadow´. David Harbor is a true party like the Russian ´Captain America´ Alexei / Red Guardian, but it is Florence Pugh as the "little sister" Yelena Belova who constantly and completely unprovenly scores the spot. Welcome to the Marvel Universe Florence!

The film is directed by Cate Shortland, and one might suspect her a bit of the political agenda with the male villain brainwashing abandoned women in favor of his elite army. This is not answered in the film, on the same footing as why the camera crew can get lots of sublime "me-too" ´ass shots´ of Scarlett Johansson's "trunk"!?.

So no matter if you're for Marvel or Bond, do not cheat on `Black Widow '. In the cinema OF COURSE!

4 Stars

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