Lets Find A Cure For Stupid People plakat

let's find a cure for stupid people

Steven Rhodes is a unique and exciting artist based in LA, whose fan base is only getting bigger and bigger. We believe that here at supermerch.dk is completely deserved. Among other things. is one of his most famous drawings let's find a cure for stupid people , one of our best sellers on the webshop. For his art is not only enormously beautiful, but it has a fantastic undertone of sarcasm and provocation.

Steven Rhodes is known for his retro drawings that have references to American culture. Many of his drawings are similar at first glance, just a retro advertising drawing, just until you take a closer look and read what it says.

If you need a poster for your office or home that will undoubtedly decorate and not least give you and your guests something to talk about, then Steven Rhodes posters are just the thing for you.

Of course, he has made many other than just let's find a cure for stupid people. Among other things. Worship Coffee is a pretty popular item like mugs, you can see item right here .

Another customer favorite is his "travel poster" See You Later Assholes. There with the little girl looks innocent, but with a provocative statement. A poster that will adorn everywhere.

He is of course capable of delivering with many beautiful and small provocative art, which goes really well on posters or on mugs.

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