Superman logo i kronologisk rækkefølge

Superman logo in chronological order

All Superman logos in chronological order

DC Comics logo

When you say Superman, most people have a certain Superman logo in mind. However, the superhero from Krypton has had several different logos over time.

We at will give you pictures and the historical order of all Superman logos that exist.

Further down, you can read a bit about the tragic story surrounding George Reeves

In addition, the Superman logo did not become a registered trademark until 1949.

The complete list of Superman logos looks like this:

  • 1938 Action Comics #1

Superman logo 1938 Action Comics issue #1

  • 1938 Action Comics #7

1938 Action Comics issue #7

  • 1939 Superman #1

1939 Superman issue #1

  • 1940 Superman #4

1940 Superman issue 4

  • 1940 Superman #6

1940 Superman issue 6

  • 1940 Action Comics #26

1940 Action Comics issue 26

  • 1940 Superman #7

1940 Superman issue 7

  • 1941 Max Fleischer's Superman

1941 Max Fleischer's Superman

  • 1941 Superman trademark first registered

1941 Superman logo trademark registered for the first time

  • 1944 Superman #26

1944 Superman issue 26

  • 1948 Superman Columbia Serials

1948 Superman Columbia Serials

  • 1952 Adventures of Superman - George Reeves

1952 Superman Adventures of Superman - George Reeves

  • 1978 Superman The Movie

1978 Superman The Movie

  • 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths

1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths

  • 1993 Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

1993 Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman

  • 1996 Kingdom Come

1996 Kingdom Come

  • 1997 Electric Blue - Superman

1997 Electric Blue Superman

  • 2000 Superman The Animated series

2000 Superman The Animated Series

  • 2002 Smallville Mark of El

2002 Smallville Mark of El

  • 2003 Superman/Batman

2003 Superman/Batman

  • 2006 Smallville

2006 Smallville

  • 2006 Superman Returns

2006 Superman Returns

2011 Action Comics Issue #1

  • 2011 Superman #1

2011 Superman Issue #1

  • 2013 Man of Steel

2013 Man of Steel

The first years

It is very clear that in the first years there was no clear idea about Superman's logo. Although the first logo has charm, it is far from as sharp in design as it has become over the years.

But in 1940, something happens that starts the logo taking shape, as the logo we know today, but it is not until 1941 that the Superman logo itself becomes a registered trademark.

The iconic logo and the tragic

The logo that we know most today, however, comes in 1952 for the TV series Adventures of Superman, where George Reeves played Superman. In our opinion, the logo is undoubtedly the most beautiful

Superman 1952 George Reeves

Unfortunately, George Reeves died in 1959, aged 45, in a tragic and still controversial death.

George Reeves died of a gunshot wound to the head at his home 1579 Benedict Canyon Drive on the night of June 16, 1959. Reeves was a well-liked actor who quickly took his responsibilities as a role model seriously, in the role of Superman. His smallest fans meant everything to him and he did a lot to spend time with his fans.

Reeves also worked between production of the series, collecting money for e.g. Myasthenia gravis organization. An autoimmune disease that, over time, i.a. makes one unable to speak or see.

This despite the fact that he himself could not take other film or theater roles, as his contract meant that he was tied to the role of Superman. So even though the Superman role made him a megastar, for him the role was also a curse.

Reeve's suicide is attributed by many contemporary news articles to his failed career and inability to find more work. However, there are many who disagree about this.

The LAPD's report has been the subject of some controversy. There were a number of questionable physical findings reported by investigators and others. Among other things. no fingerprints were found on the gun, nor was any gunpowder residue found on Reeves, (however, as standard in 1959, gunshot residue testing was not available.

Although Reeve's death was officially ruled a suicide, there have since been many question marks regarding both the police investigation and other evidence, which means that today it is not entirely certain whether it is suicide.

Alan Ladd and Gig Young (both actors) were reportedly very skeptical of the official decision that it was suicide. There were also many others, including Reeve's friend Rory Calhoun, who told a reporter: No one in Hollywood believed the suicide story. "

In the book Hollywood Kryptonite, Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger argue for the involvement of Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM vice president and fixer Eddie Mannix, who had an affair with Reeves. While others theorize that Eddie Mannix, who reportedly had ties to the Mafia, ordered Reeves killed.

In 2006, the film Hollywoodland came out with Adrien Brody in the fictional role of investigator, which was however loosely based on Milo Speriglio. The film elegantly sets up three different scenarios. Suicide, accidental shooting of Lemmon, and murder by an unnamed hitman, ordered by Eddie Mannix

Reeves is hailed

Fortunately, Reeves was awarded his star in 1960 on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Later in 1985, he was posthumously named one of the honorees of DC Comics during their 50th anniversary publication: Fifty Who Made DC Great.

You can see the Superman logo, which we think is the most beautiful, right here again

Reeves superman logo 1952

There are several iconic logos when it comes to the Superman logo, including from 1978's Superman The Movie, which featured another excellent Superman, Christopher Reeve.

Although he fell off a horse in 1995 and tragically became paralyzed. Then he managed to display inhuman strength for the rest of his life. He continued to make films, mostly as a director, but always showed a joy for life. This even though he was in a wheelchair and as he once stated; "glad to be alive, not out of obligation to others, but because life was worth living." We think that's a beautiful statement and one that shows a strength that goes beyond Superman.

Which Superman logo do you think is the most beautiful?

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