Hvid t-shirt med Wonder Woman

We love merchandise (merch)

We LOVE movie merchandise

It is merchandise / merch from i.a. Marvel Comics, Star Wars, The Godfather, Rick & Morty, Star Trek, Jaws, Snow White, Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, Superman, Hulk, Batman, Frozen, Mulan, AC / DC, Billie Eilish, The Beatles, Nintendo, Super Mario - Yes, we could go on.
100% official licenseret The Mandalorian merchandise

For us, it's not just selling a movie t-shirt, a cap or a mug.

We give our customers (which means everything to us) an opportunity to get exactly that item with your favorite brand. It could be a Captain Marvel t-shirt, batman cap, Atari t-shirt, Star Wars mug, Baby Yoda t-shirt, DC merch of one each. Yes, quite simply, everything the heart desires.

We do not promise more than we can keep and with us we do not promise 600+ brands, so only order the item when you (the customer) have paid for the item. We at Supermerch.dk think that it is to make fun of you when you are not transparent. Why do you have to wait 2-3 weeks for your item? Because we take not only merchandise seriously, but our customers seriously!

We know which brands are up to date and which are classics

This is one of the reasons why we always have the items at home that you see on our website.
From the beginning, when we started, we have chosen not to sell cheaply produced merchandise. We also only get 100% licensed merchandise produced by the best. So you think, how do we know that these are the best manufacturers we use?
The Boys 100% official licenseret merchandise
Because we produce t-shirts and other clothing for companies, so we know who who does the best. We also produce licensed goods ourselves (except film merchandise) yet 😉

It is important for us to know that when you buy a t-shirt or something else, it is an item you can enjoy for a long time.

As one of the few merchandise webshops, shipping with us is always free. There is no requirement that you must buy for a minimum of 200.-, 300.- or 500.- to get free shipping. There is nothing worse than first finding out that the item you thought was cheap is no longer cheap when choosing delivery. Therefore, the prices you see at Supermerch.dk incl. Freight. Will offer as something new also GLS freight, this is not free, but a very cheap price of 39.-

We go to great lengths to help you

We have a huge network and should you see an item somewhere that you would like, but it is too expensive or that you are unsure of the website, as it is a foreign or "Danish" for that matter - Then contact us at kontakt@supermerch.dk

We can very often get it home and most certainly also at the best prices

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