Vi stopper med pre-order af Funko POP - Hvorfor?

We are stopping pre-orders of Funko POP - Why?

We love Funko POP and love making customers happy by being able to pre-order items for our customers.

We have done this successfully with all pre-order products other than Funko POP. Unfortunately, even though we have been promised and paid for products, it has proved difficult to get Funko POP products home, either on time or at all.

Of course, this has given us more than gray hairs, because as I said, we really want to make our fantastic customers happy. But I, the owner, would like to have a business that is as transparent as possible and a webshop you can trust.

We ourselves trust our suppliers, but there are, we must admit, some who do not live by the same business spirit.

We will still sell Funko POP, but only those that we get home physically and not those that we have only been promised/guaranteed to get home.

We are in the process of contacting all the affected customers, should it happen that we have not been in contact with you yet, you are more than welcome to call or write an email to

The customers who are affected will of course get their money back. We are still trying to obtain the products by detours.

The best greetings


John Slater

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