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Do you sometimes feel a little different from others? As if you do not quite fit in? Have you tried meeting a 10-year-old boy named Elliott Taylor and trying to heal his wounds with your glowing, magic index finger, only to discover that it was just ketchup on his Halloween costume? Then you might be E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and this amazing t-shirt has not only your face on, but also your friends'. And if you are not E.T., then that's ok too. Classic merchandise is for everyone, no matter where they come from. Then we earthlings may also like to go with merch that is actually out of this world.

Family Guy

Is your newborn trying to take over the world? Does your dog have an alcohol problem? Do you sometimes find yourself in situations where you end up fighting with a giant chicken in a multi-minute assembly that takes place all over your hometown and often also at sea and in the air? Then you might also be called Peter Griffin, lives in Quahog, and has printed a billion t-shirts with Stewie in a position that parents might not have to photograph their children in. And 25 with Brian, because he snuck into the printing press and switched designed.

That the quality of the Family Guy merchandise we've acquired from a cognitively challenged cartoon character is actually really good is a little hard to explain. Maybe you were just lucky. Maybe you have a secret identity that makes sense on merchandise. We will only find out by watching next season. And the next and…

Friday the 13th

Tighten your hockey mask and swing your machete, it's time to have fun with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees! We have delicious merchandise with the fearsome characters in a more relaxed setting, so that both you and everyone around you can experience Freddy versus Jason in a game of billiards on your t-shirt, or see what Jason does on the Fridays that are not the thirteenth. . It's a little more casual, and we actually think a Hawaiian shirt suits him quite well. A little merch in the free hand, however, would complete the picture. Would it be merch-ception?

G.I. Joe

Our G.I. Joe merchandise consists of a t-shirt in really nice quality with the iconic logo in durable print. It's merch that holds whether you're a fan of the characters, the TV series, the movies, the games, or just crazy about G.I. Joe-memes. It is a t-shirt with a simple and beautiful design, which can both stand alone and represent one of the world's largest brands. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

Game of Thrones

"Winter is coming" may not be the most optimistic saying, but it is always true. And it reminds us that it is important to be well dressed. That's why we sell delicious Game of Thrones t-shirts with the emblems of the biggest houses. Are you King in the North? Are you a Lannister who controls the throne in the south? Or are you a Targaryen who takes over Westeros with dragons from another continent (again)? No matter what, you need delicious merchandise, just as many political players need a loan from the Iron Bank. Without the right merch, no claim to the throne is legitimate.

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