Supermerch.dks Delivery deadlines Christmas 2022

Delivery deadlines for Christmas 2022

Items in stock:

Last order to arrive before Christmas

GLS; submission deadlines for parcels for;

Denmark: 21 December
Norway: 15 December
Sweden: 15 December
Finland: 15 December
United Kingdom: 15 December
Ireland: 15 December
Rest of Europe: 16 December

Postal code;


Tuesday 21 December
Thursday 23 December
Packages that cannot be delivered
at home, is run directly on
the post office between 14 and 16,
so you can collect the Christmas present before
24. December

Rest of Europe (EU): 16 December

ON DEMAND items:

The order deadline is 14 days before the last delivery deadline at GLS and Postnord. It is therefore important to order in good time. However, we will inform you when ordering whether it can be reached