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Batman Forever Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Robin 90 cm

Batman Forever Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Robin 90 cm

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DC Comics statue

"Riddler and Two-Face could make a pretty deadly combination, thinking you could use one hand." said Robin to Batman

Prime 1 Studio is once again proud to present a classic addition to the Museum Masterline Series: 1/3 Scale MMBM-03: ROBIN from BATMAN FOREVER!

Batman Forever from 1995 introduced us to a new member of the Batman family: Robin! Robin should always be the bright and shiny balance between Batman's dark and brooding ways. And now Prime 1 Studio brings you a beautiful, powerful and impressive Robin to complete the Caped Crusaders!

Our talented artists have once again performed their best by presenting a screen-accurate Robin from Batman Forever. Shown here, descending steps on a Batcave-themed base, our 35-inch-tall Robin, exudes confidence and pure perfection. The breathtaking resemblance of his face, the well-groomed styling of his hair and the impeccable anatomical sculpture of his shape shower all the roses on our sculptural team's talents. Not to be missed, our painters have embraced the film reference as they recreated the subtle metallic finish of Boy Wonder's suits, the demanding fidelity to the reds and greens and even the true-to-life rendering of his complexion.

Quality is not undersold on this piece as Robin is fitted with a synthetic leather cape lined with shiny yellow satin fabric. Gone are the days of a Robin in shorts descending to Batcave in a full suit with bulletproof armor. The base is embossed with the famous R logo for Robin, as residents of the cave puncture the perimeter of this pedestal.

If you are a fan of Batman Forever, you owe it to yourself to pre-order Robin and complete the Dynamic Duo in day!

Product Specifications:

- Statue size approximately: 90 x 43 x 41 cm
- Batman Forever-themed Base
- Synthetic leather capsule

Expected Delivery Date May 2023

Note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Depending on where in the world you live, the cost is determined based on current package size and weight. Both of these factors are currently unknown and may not be available until the product arrives at our warehouse.

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