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Batman forever statue ultimate bonus version 96 cm

Batman forever statue ultimate bonus version 96 cm

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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a classic addition to the Museum Masterline Series: 1/3 Scale MMBM-01UTS: BATMAN Ultimate Bonus Version from BATMAN FOREVER!

1995's Batman Forever was the third, bright and shining entrance to the cinematic world of Batman! After two dark and brooding Batman movies, Batman Forever injected a more colorful and lively spirit into the franchise. And now Prime 1 Studio brings you a sleek, powerful and amazing 38 inch tall Batman to celebrate this entertaining film!

Our talented team of sculptors and painters have expressed their passion and commitment to their work by making a Batman with incredible resemblance and impeccable quality! All in all, Batman's costume is stylish and beautiful, an improvement over the design of the last two suits! Putting in an iconic stance, Batman's attention is drawn to the right of him in a direction we may never know about. The incredible craftsmanship of the face alone should sell you on this statue: from his lifelike eyes to his subtle lips to the natural skin tone. In the same way, his amazing anatomy has been sculpted to demanding perfection. Tight but not tight. Solid but not inflexible.

Batman features a smart tool belt and synthetic leather cape that possess the weight and feel of his cinematic cape. Batman's formidable base is rendered in realistic rocky textures, cool metallic painting and natural airbrushing to remind of his legendary Batcave. And decorating the front and back of this pedestal is his bat logo and bat.

In addition, the Batman Ultimate Bonus Version comes with a number of incredible additions! First of all, the impressive large-scale gadget wall is from Batman Forever! The wall is adorned with a series of chrome-plated Bat Gadgets as seen in the movie, a Bat Cowl on display and an impressive stalagmite base! And to extend the viewing flexibility of your future Batman statue, Prime 1 Studio has also included a total of three different interchangeable right forearms! Switch between a fist, a hand holding a Batarang, or a hand grabbing a Grapnel. Whatever you choose, it will only make this statue even cooler!

Finally, if you purchase this ultimate version from our official Prime 1 Studio store, you will receive a Bonus Batman Forever plaque to complete your new masterpiece! Sculpted and painted to match the Batcave-inspired base statue, this title plate will be the final touch to make your new statue look complete.

If you'm a Batman Forever fan, you owe it to yourself to pre-order this ultimate well-kept and stylish statue today!

Product Specifications:

- Status size about 38 inches high [H: 96cm W: 43cm D: 42cm]
- Batman Forever-themed Base
- Synthetic leather capsule
- Three (3) Interchangeable Right Forearms (Fist, Batarang and Grapnel)
- Gadget wall with Chrome gadgets, on-screen bat cover and rock-themed cave
- One (1) Batcave-inspired title plate [BONUS PART] < br>
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