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Berserk Legacy Art Kentaro Miura Statue Statue 1/6 Griffith 56 cm

Berserk Legacy Art Kentaro Miura Statue Statue 1/6 Griffith 56 cm

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Statues Berserk

"A's something you do for yourself, not for others."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the second piece to our Legacy Art series: LABR-02: 1/6 Scale Legacy Art "Kentaro Miura" Berserk Griffith from Berserk!

Kentaro Miura was the creator and artist of the manga series "Berserk". His tragic passing left a huge void not only in the Japanese manga and anime world, but also in the hearts of his dear fans. The artists at Prime 1 Studio have teamed up to bring you another breathtaking work to pay tribute to his monumental legacy.

Griffiths' tale is one of ambition, a compelling and tragic tale that delves into the depths of human nature. From humble beginnings as a charismatic and enigmatic leader of the Band of the Falcons, he rises to become a formidable figure in the war-torn world. Griffith's ambition drives him to great heights and ultimately to his own downfall, causing him to sacrifice his humanity to become the God Hand's fifth member, known as Femto.

Standing 22 inches tall, Griffith dons his Falcon of Light armor while standing atop a stone pillar surrounded by the remains and weapons of his fallen enemies. His opulent silver armor is skillfully shaded with sky blue. The leader of the Band of the Falcon salutes his golden rapier, his weapon of choice of deadly elegance. His large cape flows gracefully behind him, carried by the wind, adding a dreamlike atmosphere to this stunning piece. Our talented artists and sculptors have masterfully etched Griffith's face into the mantle, creating a captivating and divine visual experience - sure to leave everyone gripped by the dreamlike atmosphere.

Kentaro Miura has crafted a heart-wrenching story, and his work has left an undeniable impact on the world of manga and anime. Don't miss out on this beautiful piece of art, pre-order LABR-02: 1/6 Scale Legacy Art "Kentaro Miura" Berserk Griffith now and expand your Berserk collection.


- Statue size Approx. 22 inches [H: 56 cm W: 40 cm D: 21 cm]
- Berserk themed base


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