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Betty boop classic bag woman t-shirt

Betty boop classic bag woman t-shirt

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Betty boop classic bag woman t-shirt

The young lady may be over 90 years old, but her beloved charm is still as popular as when she first appeared in Dizzy Dishes (1930). You can now buy this gorgeous 100% officially licensed Betty Boop woman t-shirt .

Fun Fact:

In the 1988 film; Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Betty Boop was the only character not shown in color.

For decades, Betty Boop was a bit forgotten and it was not until the 1980s that people started to open their eyes to this amazing woman again. It was mostly in the US where people started making a lot of merchandise and with the success, she spread to the whole world again.

However, it also meant that many today have forgotten that Betty Boop was a mega star in the 1930s. She has almost never been more popular than she is today. The "sexy" style she is portrayed in today has almost become a symbol of the strong and independent woman.

She even managed to become the official Fantasy Cheerleader for the United Football League in 2010. It was intended that she should hit the female audience, unfortunately the league closed down in 2012. Fortunately, Betty Boop is just as popular today as she has been since the 1980s. For strong women we need!

Product information:

Round collar Short sleeves Silkscreen Front
100% cotton European sizes 100% officially licensed

Washing instructions:

Do not tumble dry!
Wash at max 30 degrees T-shirt and print wear much faster at 40+ degrees
Therefore, hang your clothes to hang, and you will enjoy it for a much longer time
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