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Black Lagoon Statue PVC Balalaika Crimson Empress Ver. 22 cm

Black Lagoon Statue PVC Balalaika Crimson Empress Ver. 22 cm

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Statues Black Lagoon

"From the full-scale pistol action manga ""BLACK LAGOON"", the long-awaited figure of ""Hotel Moscow"" executive ""Balalaika""! After ""Levi Scarlet Queen ver."", it is now available as a figure in 1/7 scale. Based on the illustrations of the 2021 anniversary exhibition held in 20, the original author, Rei Hiroe, drew a new ""Balalaika"" for the figure. While keeping the bold and beautiful costumes, we have fully reproduced the new luxurious illustrations.

Wearing a crimson dress, the balalaika exudes an enchanting atmosphere. Burn scars peeking out from the soft chest and slender legs emphasize the beautiful white skin. Pay attention to the beautiful throne with a lion motif, the overwhelming amount of modeling and the delicate color finish.

While being stared at by a terrifying gaze, you can't take your eyes off the mesmerizing body line. Welcome ""Balalaika Crimson Empress Ver."" to your hands.

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