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Bloodborne Statue 1/4 The Doll 49 cm

Bloodborne Statue 1/4 The Doll 49 cm

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Statues Bloodborne

Boost your Insight to animate this seemingly ordinary porcelain doll. Created by Gherman, the first hunter, The Doll is based on a student he used to have a crush on, called Lady Maria. Here to encourage the hunter's sick spirit, the doll awakens from the hunter's dream, dedicated to serving the hunter loyally and loving him completely.

The skilled artists at Prime 1 Studio have brought all the drama and sublime beauty of Bloodborne into this stunning 19-inch tall statue. The doll's fragile beauty shines through from her glowing face as she sits motionless on her sturdy throne. The ethereal quality of her cloak and robes, sculpted to perfection and painted to stunning reality by Prime 1's masterful craftsmen. The way her scarf falls across her forehead, the lacy quality of her collar and the realistic weight of her clothing will amaze you and elevate your Bloodborne collection with unparalleled finesse! Carefully painted in muted tones to respectfully mimic the game's source material, The Doll's garments feel cloth-like and impactful.

The puppet speaks to the hunter from his perch, a throne of earth and stone, accompanied by a lamp, to give respite to a tired and killed hunter!

The doll comes with two (2) interchangeable right arms and LED lighting on the lamp to allow flexibility in storytelling.

Whether you already own the UPMBB-02: The Hunter statue or not, as a Bloodborne fan you owe it to yourself to pre-order UPMBB-04: The Doll from Bloodborne today!

[Product Specifications]:

- Statue Size approx. over 19.3 inches tall [H:49cm W:38cm D:39cm]
- Hunter's Dream stone seat themed diorama base
- LED lighting on the lamp
- Two (2) interchangeable right arms


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