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Buzz Lightyear Interactive Robot Buzz Lightyear Robot (Space Ranger Alpha) 42 cm

Buzz Lightyear Interactive Robot Buzz Lightyear Robot (Space Ranger Alpha) 42 cm

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Action Figures Disney

Meet Robosen's Buzz Lightyear, the smart conversational, interactive, programmable and ultra-authentic Space Ranger robot that offers a true combination of science, engineering and art. It's a work of art - the perfect collector's item with maximum authenticity and endless playability.

Inspired by Disney and Pixar, this interactive Space Ranger stands at an impressive 42 cm (16.5 inches) and is crafted with premium materials and character details for incredible authenticity. The Alpha Suit showcases meticulous craftsmanship in lifelike shapes and colors from metal textures, antique finishes and battle-worn damage.

The robosen's intelligent conversation system brings Buzz Lightyear to life by enabling speech recognition and lightning-fast responses. Easily talk to him through ambiguous voice and semantic recognition technology without the need to recall specific command words for an immersive interactive experience like no other. No matter how heavy the action gets, he will never be at a loss for words!

Powered by 50+ microchips, Robosen technology brings fluid mobility to every part of Buzz Lightyear with 23 high-precision servo motors. With advanced algorithms and multiple programming modes, Buzz can perform a dazzling array of movement options. Now you can enjoy a Buzz Lightyear with exceptional mobility, stability and lifelike poses.

Our most advanced humanoid robot has a collection of 200+ original movie sounds, phrases and pre-installed classic action programs. It brings an immersive audio-visual experience to life like no other - endless possibilities for endless playability!

Designed with navigation lights on the wings, the auto-converting XL-15 Jetpack can retract and the propulsion nozzles can be refilled with water for jet tube fog spray. Four color options are ready for the propulsion jet lights that let you blast through the universe at galactic speeds to save the day!

You can blast, shoot, slash and punch your way out of trouble using the Space Ranger Blaster, Laser Gauntlet and the magnetically attachable Laser Blade DX, ensuring Buzz is more than ready for Zurg.

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 206.1×123.6×415.4 mm (8.11×4.9×16.4 inches)
Weight: 1870g (65.96oz)
XL-15 Jetpack Dimensions: 97.42×98.6×111 mm (3.8×3.9×4.4 inches)
Accessories (Exclusive to Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack): Laser Blade DX, Space Ranger Blaster, Laser Gauntlet, Sox, XL-15 Jetpack
Material and coating: ABS + spray
Robot servo motors: 23 digital servos
Jetpack Servo Motor: 1 Digital servo
Features of Joint Servo Motors: 32-bit MCU computer controlled, digital bus communication
Jetpack exhaust: Dual nozzles
Battery voltage: 11.1 V
Charger size: 12.6 V, 2 A
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi 2.4 G 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
OTA function: Support online OTA firmware upgrade and online content push for the latest updates.
App Software: Supports iOS/Android
Music Player: Supports MP3 audio format with a built-in power amplifier and high-quality multimedia speaker.
Lighting effects: Front chest light, jetpack double-winged light.
Special start-up functions: Smart protection system, battery undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, joint torque limitation protection.
Self-inspection function: Detection of wire displacement.


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