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Dark Nights: Metal Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Harley Quinn Who Laughs Concept Design by Caelos D`anda Regular Version 78 cm

Dark Nights: Metal Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Harley Quinn Who Laughs Concept Design by Caelos D`anda Regular Version 78 cm

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"I'm here to play the game, Batman. You think you're the smartest guy in the room, but you're not even close. I'm the punchline you never saw coming."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present this show-stopping addition to the Museum Masterline, here is the incredible 1/3 Scale MMDCMT-13 Harley Quinn Who Laughs from Dark Nights: Metal!

The dark multiverse contains many variations of familiar characters from the franchise, but not only heroes are twisted into obscurity. Inspired by DC artist Carlos D'anda's concept of Harley Quinn Who Laughs, Prime 1 Studio brings you this original rendition of the clown princess in one of her darkest incarnations.

Standing a whopping 30 inches tall, Harley Quinn Who Laughs is brought to life in her signature red and blue costume, beautifully rendered in metallic and leather textures, a form-fitting ensemble that accentuates her dark allure. The generous use of spikes exudes an atmosphere of danger and rebellion, where metal! Her face is encased in an Iron Burst-style mask, a twisted fusion of metal and darkness that instills fear at its very sight. Alternatively, a second head portrait is available which you can replace on a head stand, revealing the beautiful face beneath the mask, her peculiar face paint with golden locks. The Queen of Chaos strikes an imposing presence with dark chains on her left hand, holding back her hyenas Bud and Lou. Their eyes shine with savage hunger and snarling expressions, ready to unleash a brutal and merciless fate upon their prey. She holds a massive meat cleaver still dripping with fresh blood. At her feet is an iron-clad base of heavy metal of pure despair, rubble, chains, bloodstains and skulls, just the right combination to make your skin crawl.

Pre-order the MMDCMT-13 Harley Quinn Who Laughs and add this stunningly gruesome portrayal of the Mistress of Mayhem made even crazier to your Dark Nights: Metal collection today!


- Statue size Approx. 30 inches [H: 78 cm W: 44 cm D: 51 cm]
- Dark Nights Metal Madness themed Base
- Two (2) interchangeable main parts
- One (1) main display stand

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