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DC Comics Museum Masterline Statue 1/3 The Joker Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez Bonus Version 79 cm

DC Comics Museum Masterline Statue 1/3 The Joker Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez Bonus Version 79 cm

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"Look, Bruce. I promised…You're not ready for this at all."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present an iconic addition to the Museum Masterline Series of DC Statues: the MMDC-62S 1:3 scale JOKER BATSUIT CONCEPT DESIGN by JORGE JIMENEZ BONUS VERSION from DC COMICS!

With his appearance in Batman #99 of The Joker War arc, The Joker has further violated not only Batman's property, but also his faltering psyche! He has committed another unimaginable act of perversion! The Joker has revived Alfred's dead body and stolen the Future Batsuit that Alfred made for Batman...a future where Batman would have been ready to become a brighter symbol of Gotham!

But that brighter future is in jeopardy as The Joker has taken Batman's Future Suit and tainted it with his own take on the Caped Crusader's costume.

In this 31-inch tall statue, the talented artists at Prime 1 Studio have delivered another comic-accurate masterpiece! The Joker is at his most colorful in this Future Batsuit filled with bright blues, an eye-catching purple cape, and as his evil adaptation of the Batsuit shows...the bright red smile over the bat symbol and his trademark HA-HA-HA is everywhere.

The Joker's malevolent taunt comes in a pair of unique interchangeable heads: The Joker can either be fully covered, or he can be wearing a half-destroyed cape, showing more of his evil intent. And when you pre-order this bonus version from our official online store or an authorized distributor, you'll receive a cool extra bonus part: a completely unmasked, swappable head. The Joker's evil is on full display!

The Joker poses with a pair of Batarangs he has corrupted for his own use. He's standing on another of Batman's nightmare scenarios: a completely destroyed Batmobile environment base!

MMDC-62S: Joker Batsuit Concept by Jorge Jimenez bonus version will be an instant pre-order for Batman and Jorge Jimenez fans everywhere, so don't wait. Pre-order now!

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approx. 79 x 62 x 54 cm
- Demolished environment base with Batmobile theme
- Three (3) Interchangeable Heads [Full Powered, Half Powered, Unmasked (BONUS PART)]

Limited edition.

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