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DC Comics Statue 1/3 Superboy & Robin 64 cm

DC Comics Statue 1/3 Superboy & Robin 64 cm

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Prime 1 Studio is pleased to present the MMDC-38: Superboy & Robin Statue from the DC Comics series!

The "Super Sons" are the duo of Damian Wayne, the current Robin (son of Batman), and Jonathan Samuel Kent, the current Superboy (son of Superman). They have decided to save the world from evil by combining their superpowers, the Superboys' superhuman strength and Robin's unique intelligence.

Take a look at this highly detailed, sculpted superhero posing with the robot at their feet. Both boys are wearing their iconic outfits and look very cool even just after the intense battle.


- Statue Size approximately 65 x 62 x 52 cm
- One (1) designed themed base (LED Spotlight function on the base)

Limited edition.

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