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DC Comics Statue 1/3 Superman Deluxe Bonus Ver. 88 cm

DC Comics Statue 1/3 Superman Deluxe Bonus Ver. 88 cm

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Statues DC Comics

Prime 1 Studio is very proud to present the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC Dark Nights: Metal Series: The 1/3 Scale Superman from Dark Nights: Metal!

Flying in straight from Dark Nights: Metal #3, this version of Superman from the Dark Multiverse stands triumphant at nearly 35 inches tall! Prime 1 Studios' Superman statue features impressive armor to match the dark metal universe he hails from. Superman's classic red and blue costume is fully decked out with straps, buckles, spikes and armor if the Last Son of Krypton couldn't do enough damage himself! Prime 1 Studio has worked to give Superman the roughest textures we've hardly seen. Our skilled sculptors have given realistic believability to every wrinkle, fold and micro-texture of his padded suit. They paid particular attention to the battle-worn raised "S" symbol on his chest. We replicated Superman's menacing look by creating elaborate skulls on his shoulders and belt buckle. And to match the high quality of the sculpt, our talented painters layered multiple finishes over his iconic base colors: metallic paints, weathered dry brushing and dark washes give this Superman statue an impressive dimensional character.

Increase the drama of this Superman statue by infusing dynamic action into his poseable cape! Crafted from the finest fabric and poseable wire, Superman's cape has been treated to a gradient, and the stitching has been given a distressed texture to match the dark dimension he hails from.

If the stoic grimness of Superman's appearance isn't enough for you, you're in luck! The deluxe version comes with an extra interchangeable head that makes Superman seethe with rage. And that's not all, replace his left arm with a raised version that shows this dark version matters! And if even that isn't enough, we have a bonus left arm with Superman holding Batman's defeated skull - still in his tattered batman mask!

Finally, we've created a fearsome Dark Multiverse-themed base complete with rough-hewn metal and a host of human skulls to replicate the devastation this evil Superman leaves in his wake!

Complete your ever-growing Dark Nights: Metal statue collection with this stunning addition today!

Product Specifications:

- Statue Size approximately 35 inches tall [H:88cm W:44cm D:44cm]
- One (1) extra replaceable head
- One (1) extra interchangeable left arm
- One (1) Bonus Interchangeable Left Arm [Bonus Part]
- One (1) pouchable fabric cover
- One (1) Dark Multiverse themed base

Edition size: TBA

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