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Devil may cry 5 statue 1/2 dante black label 109 cm

Devil may cry 5 statue 1/2 dante black label 109 cm

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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a breathtaking addition to our High Definition Museum Masterline Black Label Series: 1/2 DANTE, The Legendary Devil Hunter from Devil May Cry 5!

Quite named after the title character in The Divine Comedy, Dante, The Legendary Devil Hunter, clears level upon level of demonic attack with style and pure evil! Hired by V to fight the demon Urizen, Dante takes aim at this iconic museum-quality statue that is definitely on its way to your collection!

Prime 1 Studio artists have spared no effort to reproduce Dante's iconic pose from Devil May Cry 5 in brilliant 1/2 Scale. Dante stands tall at 43 inches, wearing his typical long, red coat and equipped with his faithful side arms, Ebony & Ivory and his trustworthy sword, Rebellion!

Prime 1 Studio's tailors have been able to carefully recreate Dante's long coat in demanding detail due to the enormous scale of this statue. Examine every single nail and you will not be disappointed. Let yourself be captivated by the worn qualities of his Henley shirt, created to call back to his signature look from the game. We have used real metal fittings in his clothes: from the rivets on his shoulders to the zippers on the sleeves. Even his finely tailored trousers have a belt with a shiny buckle and functional rivet. In order not to be surpassed by the fine craftsmanship of the clothes, Dante's paint has also taken advantage of his large scale. We have been able to tone his skin to a true-to-nature degree like never before, making his face and arms as realistic as possible to match the realism of his clothes. And by painting his weapons with a realistic quality, we have made sure to get the visual weight rather than not only rebellion, but also of ebony and ivory.

This Black Label version contains an incredible treat! We have equipped Dante Black Label with two replaceable main parts. The first main part of Polystone captures his trademark laughter with a lot of confidence and attitude. The other main part is in full silicone and synthetic hair! His hair, eyebrows and beard hair are all punched into silicone rubber with hard precision! Let the silicone body permeate your Dante statue with unheard of realism! You have to see it to believe it!

Finally, enjoy this high-quality statue on a Devil May Cry 5-themed base, adorned with Rebellion's skeleton protection details, Ebony & Ivory, and finished with demonic design elements from the game. If you love the Devil May Cry series, this is a statue that fits right into your home and your collection! Get it today!

Product Specifications: - Size: 109 x 63 x 64 cm- Two (2) interchangeable heads (polystone head, silicone head) - Fabric clothing (genuine leather, sewing, metal hardware, others) - Devil May Cry 5-themed base Limited to 250

Note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight are needed to determine these costs. Both are unknown at this time and may not be available until the product arrives at our warehouse


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