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Devil May Cry 5 Statue 1/4 Dante Exclusive Version 77 cm

Devil May Cry 5 Statue 1/4 Dante Exclusive Version 77 cm

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Statues Devil May Cry


Prime 1 Studio is proud to present an incredible Limited Version addition to our Ultimate Premium Masterline series: the 1:4 scale UPMDMCV-02LM Dante EX Color Version from Devil May Cry V!

Decked out in a striking black and red ensemble, a raven-haired Dante is unlocked to wreak relentless havoc against the demon!

Set on a stunning Qlipoth base, this statuesque 28-inch tall Dante comes to life in attack stance as he works all the tools of his trade. Wearing his alternate, unlockable long black trench coat with red accents, this Dante is cool and calculating.

This EX color version packs a punch with three (3) interchangeable right arms, three (3) interchangeable left arms and a freestanding Red Orb, all included in this magnificent set!

But you must hurry! UPMDMCV-02LM Dante EX color version is limited to only 350 pieces! And once it's gone... it's gone! Don't miss your chance to add this special Dante statue to your ever-growing Devil May Cry collection!


- Statue Size approx. 72 x 56 x 57 cm
- Devil May Cry themed Demon Tree Qliphoth Base
- 1 red ball with stand
- Rebellion on Dante's back (while holding Ebony & Ivory)
- 3 interchangeable right hands (holds Rebellion, Sparda or Ivory)
- 3 interchangeable left arms (holding Coyote-A, ebony and open)

Limited Edition of 350 pieces worldwide.

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