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Devilman Elite Exclusive Statue 1/4 Siren 67 cm

Devilman Elite Exclusive Statue 1/4 Siren 67 cm

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Statues Devilman

Siren is a formidable bird demon, known for her beauty and pride, but also feared for her bloodlust and brutality. Despite her demonic nature, many have mistaken her for an angel due to her ethereal appearance. However, this underestimation can prove fatal to those who cross her path, as Sirene is a force to be reckoned with.

Siren's desire for revenge is what drives her after losing her beloved Amon to Akira. Her heart filled with rage, she has sworn to avenge her beloved at any cost. With razor-sharp claws on the birdclaw and a pair of elegant wings, Siren strikes quickly in the night. Her powers allow her to conjure up a storm, making her an even more formidable opponent. She is a fierce warrior, with a relentless determination to defeat Devilman.


Figurama Collectors have captured Sirene's proud elegance in their Elite Exclusive Statue. The statue depicts Sirene playing with the skull of her recent prey, sitting atop a mountain of zombies undergoing various stages of decay. The base includes an Easter egg referencing the Siren's mother, Mazaa, who is fused with the walls of the cave.

Sirene Elite Exclusive Statue comes with two interchangeable portraits, collectors can display Sirene with either her proud elegance or her sly grin. Display Bust Stand is also available to display the unused portrait with her. For the first time, a magnetic chest cover comes with the statue so all Figuramians can display her however they prefer!

- 2 portraits for Sirene
- 1x a Display Bust Stand
- 1x magnetic chest cover and exclusive A3 art print
- 1x Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab, 2D concept artist Daniel Kamarudin and 3D artist Miguel Hernandez

Size: 67 x 50 x 38 cm

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