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Disney Master Craft Statue Winnie the Pooh Special Edition 31 cm

Disney Master Craft Statue Winnie the Pooh Special Edition 31 cm

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Statues Peter the Pooh

"Winnie the Pooh" with a cute chubby belly, a lovable smile and an endless appetite for honey is back! The cutest bear from Disney is about to accompany you on an adventure filled with gooey honey and charm

The Master Craft series of highly accurate recreations of pop culture icons is back with the release of a handcrafted, hand-painted piece of art. The MC-020SP Winnie The Pooh statue continues the collection of Disney-related releases with professional painting and a focus on fine details, as well as a stand designed as a tree.
Recreates the infamous bear's innocent, sweet yet greedy look, covered in bees and the classic
honey pot, the statue gives collectors the opportunity to own a limited edition pearl colored variant. The new design is perfectly ready to be hugged and added to a collection to suit any Winnie The Pooh fan! Order yours from an official Beast Kingdom store today!

Product size: 31.5 x 26 cm

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