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Dynamite Entertainment Statue 1/3 Vampirella Design by Stanley Artgerm Lau Bonus Version 55 cm

Dynamite Entertainment Statue 1/3 Vampirella Design by Stanley Artgerm Lau Bonus Version 55 cm

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"You've become like me. Like Dracula and Eve... We're all monsters."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present a stunning addition to our Museum Masterline Series: 1:3 Scale MMVP-01S: Vampirella Design by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Bonus Version from Dynamite Entertainment!

Hot from the pages of Dynamite's exciting monthly comic, VAMPIRELLA comes to you from the amazing mind of Stanley Lau and the impressive artistry of Prime 1 Studio! Based on Vampirella No. 6's famous Artgerm cover, Prime 1 Studio's 22-inch tall Vampirella statue continues the theme of Vampi relaxing herself on a finely decorated chaise longue base, adorned with her world's familiars and accessories.

Prime 1 Studio's impressive artists took the core of Artgerm's cover and expanded on the theme to present a full-bodied Vampirella, complete with furniture and environment. It's easy to see that the Studio's sculptors were inspired by Stanley's art, by the intricate delicacy of each strand of her hair. It is stunning in its layered complexity.

Her face is structured with tiny, sublime pores and translucent skin. Being a creature of supernatural origin, she always looks like she's glowing, and Prime 1 Studio captures this perfectly. They have also captured Vampirella's intense, hypnotic gaze. Her appearance, a mixture of invitation and subtle warning, sums up how dangerously desirable she is. While Vampirella fights on the side of good, she still needs blood to survive, and Prime 1 Studio's painters have interpreted that very well. They have also made the little clothing she wears as true to its natural material as possible. Every precise seam, every wrinkle and tiny leather texture is rendered to perfection.

The chaise longue that Vampirella is lying on supports her relaxed demeanor very well. It features quilted leather, fine wood carvings and a large textured rug. A goblet of spilled blood adorns the carpet, while a small, rising colony of bats balances her very well. Around Vampirella's fine leather boots are some venomous snakes slithering between a dozen human skulls. Also, if you order from Prime 1 Studios online store and authorized distributor, you will get a visible Vampirella logo as a bonus.

Vampirella will make a sexy addition to your dimly lit fan den, so pre-order it today!


- Statue Size: 55 x 54 x 35 cm
- Vampirella themed chaise longue base
- One (1) Displayable Vampirella Logo [BONUS PART]

Limited edition.

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