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Fist of the North Star Ultimate Premium Masterline Series Statue Polar Star of Love Kenshiro & Yuria 71 cm

Fist of the North Star Ultimate Premium Masterline Series Statue Polar Star of Love Kenshiro & Yuria 71 cm

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Statues Fist of the North Star

"Yuria, even if the world crumbles, even if the heavens deny me, my fists will cut a path to you. I will let nothing stand in my way. Our love will transcend chaos."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present one of Japan's most iconic manga couples to commemorate the series' 40th anniversary. From Ultimate Premium Masterline: it's UPMFOTNS-01 Kenshiro & Yuria "Polar Star of Love" from Fist of the North Star.

Fist of the North Star, also known as Hokuto no Ken in Japan, is a classic manga series first published back in 1983 by writer Buronson and artist Tetsuo Hara. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where society has broken down and violence reigns. Early in the series, our protagonist Kenshiro finds himself separated from his beloved fiancée Yuria. He then embarks on a quest to rescue her from the clutches of evil. The artists at Prime 1 Studio have come together to release a mesmerizing statue that perfectly depicts the depth of their love for each other; a love story that can be described as tragic and bittersweet, full of obstacles and yet full of hope.

Standing nearly 28 inches tall, Kenshiro's muscular physique is easily recognizable! Finally reunited with Yuria, after a long and arduous hunt. He holds her tightly in his embrace and stands ready to meet any opponent that may come as he flexes his large, V-shaped upper body. Determined to protect her with all his might, he clenches his fist, showing long veins along his right arm. His signature Big Dipper constellation scar can be seen on his well-developed upper chest. He wears an intense gaze as the fire in his heart burns brightly in this dark world. The beautiful Yuria has her arm wrapped around Kenshiro's neck, her eyes closed, fair skin and soft pink lips, she remains as gracious as ever. While still in a weakened state, her slender figure still embodies a delicate and refined demeanor, a true display of feminine beauty and elegance! Our skilled painters have done an excellent job recreating the fading of her hair color from black to violet. The vivid contrast between the blue and purple of the characters is painted with the utmost attention to detail as it perfectly portrays the way they were both masterfully drawn in the original manga while still giving them a breath of life through realistic texturing. The base has remains of broken columns as well as the head of one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Named by Tetsuo Hara himself, after the eternal love between the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellations, the UPMFOTNS-01 Kenshiro & Yuria "Polar Star of Love" will be a fine addition to your collection. Whether you're a new or long-time fan of Fist of the North Star, order now in the name of unyielding love!

- Statue size Approx. 28 inches [H: 71 cm W: 39 cm D: 43 cm]
- Fist of the North Star themed base

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