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Frame Arms Fine Scale Model Kit 1/100 EXF-10/32 Greifen RE2 15 cm

Frame Arms Fine Scale Model Kit 1/100 EXF-10/32 Greifen RE2 15 cm

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Model set Frame Arms

An emissary from the deep, Greifen.

Based on an original illustration by Tomotake Kinoshita, the Greifen is the first aquatic model to join the Frame Arms line!

The model's head is covered by a large visor and the shoulder armor is equipped with propellers. The unique rough silhouette is designed to withstand changes in water pressure and is highlighted by a unique "backpack". The Greifen is a completely unique Frame Arms model with features designed for underwater combat and exploration.

This model is composed of completely new parts based on an illustration by Tomotake Kinoshita. Arms and legs are equipped with hidden forearms for various purposes. The included weapons can be held in the model's hands or attached to various points on the model's body using the attachment parts. As a new addition to the Frame Arms lineup, the Greifen is not only fun to assemble, but also brings tons of new customization options.

Changes made to model ":RE2"
¦ The hand parts use swivel joints. "FA Hand 2" is included with gun holding hand parts.
¦ The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. as its basic framework. Frame Architect is made of PS plastic and is not pre-assembled in this model kit.

*Frame Architect parts are not pre-assembled and only include runners necessary to assemble this product.

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