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Frame Arms Plastic Model Kit 1/100 Kenshin 16 cm

Frame Arms Plastic Model Kit 1/100 Kenshin 16 cm

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Model set Frame Arms

Designed by world-renowned Japanese mechanical designer, Kunio Okawara, the latest model to join the Frame Arms series is the KENSHIN!

Model specifications:

- This model is made to be a pair with the SHINGEN, which is also designed by Kunio Okawara.
- The model can be displayed in 2 different forms, either with a warrior's helmet or a priest's dovetail hat.
- The new unique designs are shown on various parts of this model, such as the helmet and the flag emblem on the back. They emphasize the main colors of the model, which are blue, red and gold.
- The model's color scheme is recreated with colored plastic. The multi-colored plastic of the kittens gives the model a striking appearance just by assembling the model.
- A long-handled sword ("Naginata"), a long and short Japanese sword and a "gunbai" (military leader's fan) for SHINGEN are included.
- The wings with the emblem, secured with a backpack and shoulder armor, can be adjusted freely to create a variety of silhouettes.
- The hand parts use swivel joints. Gun-holding hand parts are included with "FA Hand 2."
- The kit contains decals for this model.
- The model uses Frame Architect Renewal ver. to the frame of the robot. Frame Architect is unassembled and made of PS plastic.
- The hips on the Frame Architect use articulated parts that allow for more secure support.

*Frame Architect parts are not pre-assembled and only include runners necessary to assemble this product.

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