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Game of Thrones Statue 1/4 Night King Ultimate Version 70 cm

Game of Thrones Statue 1/4 Night King Ultimate Version 70 cm

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Statues Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Statue 1/4 Night King Ultimate Version 70 cm
Statues Game of Thrones
"The true enemy will not wait out the storm. He will bring the storm." - Jon Snow

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Ultimate Premium Masterline Series: UPMGOT-02UT: Night King Ultimate Version from Game of Thrones!

The Massacre at Hardhome.

Prime 1 Studio brings you an epic statue from this watershed moment in the Game of Thrones series, when the Night's Watch and Freefolk battled the White Walkers and their wights. And as Jon Snow slipped away after the brutal destruction, the Night King appeared on Hardhome Dock, raising his arms and reviving his deceptions.

And now our talented sculptors and painters bring the decisive scene to you. Standing over 27 inches tall on an icy, dilapidated dock, the Night King poses in all his chilly glory. We've taken care to cut all the intricate details of his wrinkled facade, his ominous gaze and his shabby, battle-worn armor. We've given off a light dusting of snowfall in select locations all over the Night King's form to evoke the cold Hardhome conditions caused by his mere presence.

In this ultimate version, flanking the Night King behind him are two of his resurrected powers. We spared no effort to bring these figures to life, the exacting details of which emphasize the terrifying nature of these undead creatures. From top to bottom, we've imbued these figures with astonishing realism from the fabric details of their clothing, the withered, frozen attributes of their faces and chain mail armor. Heavy splatters of dried blood on their hands and weapons complete the chilling scene.

Combine the Ultimate Version Wights with the primary Night King base for a unique piece of kit. All of these gory figures are well balanced on the Hardhome dock-inspired base, which collects and features the ancient tree moss, eerie skeletal remains, discarded weapons and armor...and frozen, translucent water.

We at Prime 1 Studio can't wait for all the hardcore Game of Thrones fans to get their hands on these striking Premium Ultimate Statues!

The ultimate version comes with two (2) intricately designed Wights with unique features on a separate detachable base.

Product size: 70 x 46 x 58 cm

Limited edition.

Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping charges may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight are needed to determine these costs. Both are unknown at this time and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.

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