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Godzilla Vs. King Diorama Godzilla Vs. King Final Battle 80 cm

Godzilla Vs. King Diorama Godzilla Vs. King Final Battle 80 cm

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Dioramas Godzilla

Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to finally unveil the most earth-shattering piece in the Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series: the non-scale UDMGVK-03: GODZILLA VS KONG FINAL BATTLE from Godzilla vs. King!

Calling all Prime 1 Studio fans! Team Godzilla and Team Kong people will have to put their differences aside and agree...this is the ULTIMATE Godzilla vs Kong diorama! Stare in awe and wonder as Prime 1 Studio has created the most amazing battle diorama ever created! Godzilla, King of the Monsters battles Kong, King of Skull Island in this opulent Hong Kong nightscape through the ages!

This magnificent diorama's stunning dimensions measure 31.5 inches tall, 56 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. Godzilla's side shows the god of destruction, situated in the destruction of his own creation. We have illuminated Hong Kong at various points with LED lighting. Godzilla himself stands majestically, highlighted by his Atomic Breath pose, magnified by the intricate lighting sequence we worked up for his dorsal fin power up feature. Turn on the lights for Godzilla's diorama and his dorsal fin lights up from the end of his tail to the top of his head... meaning he's ready to rock and roll Kong's world with his Atomic Breath!

Surrounding Titanus Gojira are LED-lit buildings, cratered and damaged, LED-lit fires raging everywhere, helicopters swarm helplessly in the chaos, and best of all...for only the most passionate Prime 1 Studio fans, the ultimate Easter Egg has been included in his base. What could it be?

Meanwhile, on Kong's side, The King of the Jungle is on the attack as he launches himself from an obliterated building, illuminated by LED-lit fire and smoke! He works through his environment of destroyed buildings with LED lit windows and explosions. Kong clearly means business because we've equipped him with three different interchangeable heads to portray the range of emotions that only Kong can possess. His appearance ranges from "fierce determination" to "righteous anger" and all the way to "outright rage"! Not only that, but the Eighth Wonder of the World is also able to switch between an earth-shaking closed fist strike to swinging his secret weapon, the ancient Hollow Earth Battle Ax forged from an ancient Godzilla's dorsal fin!

To complete this titanic environment, this diorama set comes with a "bridging cityscape" piece, which consists of a tall tower, a central tower and a title plate! The tall left tower of the bridge-building cityscape can be equipped with a giant flying aircraft carrier, the USS Argo. While the central tower features one of Walter Simmons' extremely expensive and powerful HEAVs (Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle), which could later play a prominent role in reviving a shot giant! The bridge-building cityscape can be sandwiched between both the Godzilla diorama and the Kong diorama and has its own LED-lit buildings and fire and smoke effects. And finally, to finish off this sumptuous display, place the Godzilla vs. Kong title plate prominently in the center and marvel at the magnificence of this diorama!

The question isn't whether you want to buy this masterpiece or not... the question is: Where are you going to put it?!?! Make plans now while this amazing, ultimate diorama lasts! Get yours today!


- Diorama Size approx. 31.5 inches high, 56 inches wide and 26 inches deep [H:80cm W:142cm D:66cm]
- LED-illuminated Godzilla eyes and mouth
- LED Illuminated Godzilla Dorsal Fins with Power-Up Sequence!
- LED-lit buildings
- LED-illuminated fires and explosions
- One (1) bridge building in the cityscape
- One (1) Godzilla vs Kong title plate
- Three (3) interchangeable Kong heads with different expressions
- Two (2) Kong left hands that can be exchanged for fist and battle axe
- Two (2) interchangeable USS Argo and aerials on top of the Bridging Cityscape Building

Limited edition.

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