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Official Bandai Gundam Model Kit

Bandai Spirit's shame

The long-awaited HG Leo is the 4th mobile suit in Bandai's "Gundam Evolution Project"! This project aims to improve the Gunpla building experience, offering increased mobility and detail in each set for a whole new building experience for fans.

HG Leo has a new assembly structure that gives the finished set a unique range of motion, while shortening assembly time. The joint parts can be fitted afterwards, giving fans who like to paint their kits an easier experience as well. The head has a clear part so no stickers are required. The HG Leo is equipped with a 105mm rifle, beam saber and shield, and the handle of the beam saber can be stored on the back of the shield. Order today and create your own army of lions!


105mm Rifle (x1)

Beam Saber (x2)

Shield (x1)

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