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Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 LOZ Lord Of Zoatex 13 cm

Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 LOZ Lord Of Zoatex 13 cm

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Model set Hexa Gear

Model specifications:

- The main unit has a large head (standard) that resembles a carnivorous animal and a smaller type (ANOTHER HEAD). Users can swap and modify to suit their style.

*Both the large and small heads can be assembled separately. (Only 1 set of "Cross Laser Fang" blades are included.)

- One of the main features of this model is the sliding mechanism included in the artificial muscle unit in the neck. The mechanism follows the movements of the head-neck unit to make this part flexible.

- The crushing device in the mouth (Emperor Bite) opens and closes vertically, and the internal Imperial Roar generator is recreated in clear parts, allowing users to enjoy various howling and roaring positions.

- The base of the large "Cross Laser Fang" blades equipped on the head can be opened and closed to create flexible poses.

- The bases of the air maneuver thrusters attached to the shoulders have a flexible range of motion and can fit a shield made of clear parts.

- The poseability feature in the main body aims to replicate the agile flexibility of felines. Based on feedback from the WEIRD TAILS and VOLTREX WRATH kits, each joint is constructed using 5mm joints and has vertical and horizontal movement for easier enjoyment and an increased range of motion.

- The Tactical High Energy Laser installed next to the console has a flexible arm base for flexible posing.

- The shoulders and joints are constructed like shoulder blades, which makes them more adjustable and expressive.

- Each joint of the huge "Trick Blade" tail has universal joints for 360° positioning, and the turret part of the "Judgment Ram" tip can be rotated.

- The cockpit handles can be rotated and the console unit itself can be removed. The steps on the seat unit have movable bases that can be adjusted to fit the feet of the governor on board.

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