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HG Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom 1/144

HG Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom 1/144

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Official Bandai Gundam Model Kit

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- Custom MS adding the elements of Perfect Strike Gundam to Strike Freedom Gundam.
- Equipped with 8 dragons on the back combined with a silhouette like an ale striker.
- Laser anti-ship blade "Schwert Geber" and ultra-high impulse cannon "Agni" can be connected and arranged in two types of armament.
- The claw firing gimmick from the rocket anchor "Panzer Eisen" on the left shoulder is reproduced using lead wires.
- Beam parts can be attached to the left forearm.
- In addition to the combo weapon pad on the right shoulder, the entire body is equipped with a large number of weapons derived from the Perfect Strike Gundam.

Beam effect x 1 set
Beam Shielding Effect x 1
Laser anti-ship blade "Schwert Geber" x 1
Ultra High Impulse Cannon "Agni" x 1
Wiring harness x 1
Foil sticker x 1
Hand parts x 1 set

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