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Hunters: Day After WWIII Action Figure 1/6 Devil Moli 44 cm

Hunters: Day After WWIII Action Figure 1/6 Devil Moli 44 cm

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BLITZWAY is excited to announce that we are officially launching the #5 character of BHEADworks original design figures 'Devil Moli' from 'HUNTERS: Day After WWIII'.

BHEADworks (artist Yeon-gyun, Jung) has been loved for its original character designs based on the dystopian worldview. The fifth heroine, Devil Moli, is a fighter who decorates her cute image as a scary gatekeeper and notices when an enemy is approaching and sends a signal
sign with a whistle.

Devil Moli may have combat gear ready for the apocalypse, but she has a cool, humorous design. She expresses the face of a confident girl who loves to fight, all while enjoying some sweets at the same time. The included diorama and stand will bring battle scenes to life and create
your collection even better. Hurry up and get the hunters' fifth heroine, Devil Moli, and join the second hunter gathering.


- BHEADworks' illustration.
- Newly developed, original design head sculpt and make-up.
- Highly detailed realistic equipment from original design.
- Sophisticated tailored and designed outfits.
- Newly designed and developed female body with over 30 points of articulation.
- Highly detailed POLYSTONE diorama base.


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