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Jurassic Park III Legacy Museum Collection Statue 1/6 Velociraptor Female 44 cm

Jurassic Park III Legacy Museum Collection Statue 1/6 Velociraptor Female 44 cm

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Statues Jurassic Park

"They were smart. They were smarter than dolphins or whales. They were even smarter than primates!"- Alan Grant

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present to you the next entry to our Legacy Museum Collection of the Jurassic Park III movie, the 1/6 scale LMCJP-11 Velociraptor Female!

Following the Male Velociraptor announcement not too long ago, we present to you the Female Velociraptor, leader of the Alpha Pack! As usual, our craftsmen pay the utmost care and attention to recreating these reptilian predators. At 17 inches tall, the female raptor displays less bright and dull colors compared to its male counterpart, this does not take away from its highly textured skin, massive curled claws and intense gaze as it walks through a lush jungle themed base. emblazoned with the Jurassic Park III logo. As a visitor to Isla Sorna, you certainly don't want to run into its herd, much less find yourself stealing its eggs!

Another must-have for any Jurassic Park fan, pair this with the Male Velociraptor and recreate the awesome excitement of the third film by pre-ordering the LMCJP-11 Female Velociraptor today!

Product Specifications:

- Statue size approx. 17.3 inches tall [H:44cm W:56cm D:41cm]
- Jurassic Park themed base


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