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Jurassic park III prime collectibles statue 1/38 spinosaurus 24 cm

Jurassic park III prime collectibles statue 1/38 spinosaurus 24 cm

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"It's good! Here we are in the worst place on Earth, and we do not even get paid!" - Dr. Alan Grant

Prime 1 Studio is proud to include another iconic dinosaur for our Prime Collectible Figure Series: 1/38 scale Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III!

In the latest film in the original Jurassic Park series introduced Jurassic Park III a worthy competitor to the dinosaur title: our nearly 9.5-inch-tall Spinosaurus! Greatest of all the known carnivores, this predator was bigger than T-Rex and more than a match for its wildness!

Prime 1 Studio has engaged our sculptors and painters to bring this 'lizard' to realistic life with their incredible skills and artistry. Our sculptors have placed great emphasis on shaping lifelike, crocodile skin, menacing teeth and an impressive sail into this amazing carnivore. In addition, our painters have complemented this excellent sculpture with the subtle nuances and color of Spinosaurus from the film. Most of all, this dinosaur will fit perfectly into the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Carnotaurus from our Prime Collectible Figures series. t0> ​​Spinosaurus allows you to complete the 1/38 scale dinosaur collection! So hurry up and pre-order your copy today!

Material: Vinyl, PVC, Polystone and other materials

Product size: 24 x 23 x 54 cm


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