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Jurassic Park Legacy Museum Collection Statue 1/6 Velociraptor Attack 38 cm

Jurassic Park Legacy Museum Collection Statue 1/6 Velociraptor Attack 38 cm

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Jurassic Park statue

Prime 1 Studio is excited to include another version of a fan-favorite dinosaur for our Legacy Museum Collection Series: 1/6 Scale Velociraptor Attack from Jurassic Park!

Few movie monsters have entered our collective lexicon of nightmares over the last few decades more famous than Velociraptor!

Prime 1 Studio's sculptors and painters were overjoyed to bring this fast, agile and highly intelligent hunter into realistic action with their incredible talents. Our sculptors have been very careful to shape tight, sauric skin, a mouth full of serrated teeth and Velociraptor's trademark long claw. Similarly, our painters have complemented this excellent sculpture with the lifelike color of the Raptors from the film. We have given this bird of prey, ready for attack, the most pearly and frightening, front-facing, yellow eyes. For anyone facing the business end with a Velociraptor, this is the last thing they'll probably want to see. in the middle!

Velociraptor fits perfectly with the other 1/6 scale dinosaurs in the Legacy Museum Collection! So hurry up and pre-order your "smart girl" today!

Product Specifications:

- Size approx. 15 inches high and 29 inches wide (H: 38.2 cm W: 74.7 cm D: 29.7 cm)
- Jurassic Park jungle-themed base

Note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight are needed to determine these costs. Both are unknown at this time and may not be available until the product arrives at our warehouse.

Expected delivery date is currently February 2023

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