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Jurassic World Icons Statue Velociraptor Blue 9 cm

Jurassic World Icons Statue Velociraptor Blue 9 cm

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Statues Jurassic Park

Iron Studios brings a new collection of statues featuring Jurassic Park icons!

Based on the eponymous novel by Michael Crichton, award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios surprised audiences worldwide in 1993 with the theatrical release of Jurassic Park. Big fans of the franchise, maintaining a successful partnership that started in 2017, Iron Studios presents their new collection "Jurassic Park-Icons", with miniature statues on stylized pedestals with their logo, carefully bringing the same realistic details on its anatomy and painting . as seen in their larger statues. Besides creating an opportunity for fans and collectors to expand their collection with new replicas of their most beloved dinosaurs, this new line will bring new collectors, introducing an accessible cost-benefit format, both in price and size, that impresses with its wealth of detail and standard of excellence and quality that are trademarks of Iron Studios.

Created by InGen in a project for military purposes, Blue and her sisters Charlie, Delta and Echo were trained by Owen Grady, but since the incident at Isla Nublar, only Blue, the oldest and most loyal to Owen of the pack, has survived and apparently became the only Velociraptor alive. Able to express emotions such as affection, pain, and empathy, Blue rediscovered her old trainer three years later in an apparent rescue mission, where Owen is betrayed and Blue is wounded, captured, and taken to the continent with other captured dinosaurs for a auction. After her escape, the surviving Blue reappears and now has a daughter named Beta. In addition to the films, Blue made some special appearances in the Netflix TV show "Camp Cretaceous". Iron Studios proudly presents their new statue "Velociraptor Blue - Jurassic World - Icons".

Size: 9 x 12 x 10 cm

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