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Lord of the Rings Replica 1/1 Galadriel's Phial 10 cm

Lord of the Rings Replica 1/1 Galadriel's Phial 10 cm

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Replicas: 1/1 Lord of the Rings

Many miles beyond the safety of Lothlórien, the light of Galadriel's gift would shine between the hobbits and certain death as they braved the horrors of Cirith Ungol's Stairs. Betrayed by the creature Gollum, Frodo and Sam face the insatiable appetite of Shelob, the great spider that haunts the pass. Only the power of the starglass can prevent all hope from being swallowed up in the pitch black of her cave.

Product features:

- 1:1 scale prop replica;
- Size: 65 x 54 x 95 mm
- Vials made of glass;
- Elves base made of high quality polystone;
- Removable stopper makes it possible to fill the glass with any desired liquid;
- Illuminated base that illuminates the hood, powered by a single CR2032 battery. (Battery not included)

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