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Lord of the Rings Replica 1/1 The Pipe of Gandalf 34 cm

Lord of the Rings Replica 1/1 The Pipe of Gandalf 34 cm

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Replicas: 1/1 Lord of the Rings

For a wizard whose errands took him all over Middle-earth, the sleepy hills and quiet villages of the Shire were a sanctuary. Strolling between green hedges and bursting gardens, Gandalf the Gray enjoyed the company of the hobbits who dwelt there: a gentle people with naive eccentricities and makers of the finest pipe weed in all the lands.

On a good evening, Gandalf can be found sitting outside the Back End with Bilbo or Frodo Baggins, pipes in hand, blowing smoke rings that the wizard brought to life with subtle magic.

The Pipe of Gandalf the Gray was created for The Lord of the Rings by the artists at 3Foot6 Art Department and comes complete with Tamper. This non-functional prop replica has been created from molds of the original prop used in the film, using the same high impact urethane material as the props on set and finished with the same techniques and materials to achieve the same beloved look as it has in the film.

Measures approximately 34 cm in length.

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