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Lord of the Rings Statue Saruman The White 19 cm Get it back!

Lord of the Rings Statue Saruman The White 19 cm Get it back!

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Once the leader of the Istari Order and a truly great and wise wizard, Saruman the White fell into darkness and became an agent of evil during the War of the Ring. Too long he studied the ways of his enemy, believing that to better understand Sauron's nature he could discern a means of victory. Using one of the lost seeing stones of Númenor, the wizard sought to spy on the Dark Lord, but was tricked into communicating with him through the polished black orb. It was a contest of wills that Saruman lost.

Lured by promises of power and dark thoughts of his own mastery, Saruman fell from his purpose and abandoned his allies. In his arrogance he thought he was able to usurp Sauron's place. Even as he did his new master's bidding, the corrupt sorcerer planned another betrayal. But in doing so he delivered, for pride and lust for power had blinded Saruman, and Sauron's eye perceived his treachery through the lens of the palantryn. The downfall of Saruman, once the leader of the White Council, was doomed to be written in blood.

Expertly sculpted by Gary Hunt, a member of the original Lord of the Rings team, Saruman the White will make an excellent addition to your Weta Workshop miniatures collection.

Dimensions: 11 x 18.9 x 11 cm

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