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Lord of the Rings Statue The Argonath Environment 34 cm

Lord of the Rings Statue The Argonath Environment 34 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Elven boats glide silently down the river Anduin, carrying the Fellowship of the Ring on their journey south towards Mordor. The secret is out, the companions must rely on the speed of the water to carry them quickly between steep cliffs and away from the hunters who pursue them.

Around a bend in the river, all eyes rise to see a sight seen by few, the mighty Argonath: the Pillars of the Kings. With feet planted as if gliding on water, two large statues rise far above, arms raised in challenge and weapons strapped to their chests. Crowns adorn their great gray heads, while stone eyes stare northward in unceasing vigilance. Hewn by many hands from living rock, the Argonaths are carved in the likeness of the kings of old, Aragorn's kinsmen. In centuries past they guarded the border of old Gondor and stood steadfast against the enemies of Númenor; projections of the power and majesty of a people now almost gone.


- Depicts the iconic scene from the official Fellowship of the Ring movie poster;
- Hand sculpted environment by Middle-earth Master Gary Hunt;
- Incredibly small details, including a miniature community in boats;
- Faithfully recreated using screen-accurate reference materials.

Size: 39 x 34 x 37.5 cm

Limited Edition of 1885 pieces worldwide.

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