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Marvel: Future Fight Statue 1/3 Wolverine 61 cm

Marvel: Future Fight Statue 1/3 Wolverine 61 cm

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Marvel statue

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present Wolverine 1: 3 Scale Statue, a Marvel statue inspired by the iconic mutant's appearance in the popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight.

Wolverine 1: 3 Scale Statue measures 24 "tall and 19.75 "wide as the fan-favorite X-Men hero jumps into battle to defend Xavier's mansion from attackers — be it humans, Sentinels, or even other mutants. Standing on the rubble of one of the ruined fence posts surrounding the property, Logan claws his claws and prepares to remove his enemies in a berserker frenzy. Bricks, stones and wrought iron details are sculpted into the stage to make the mansion feel more built-in - let's just hope it survives the experience!

Wolverine 1: 3 Scale Statue is fully designed with impressive textures to recreate its Marvel Gamerverse look in a three-dimensional collectible. His hilly portrait captures a violent shout as Wolverine bared his fangs. From the tip of his Adamantium claws to the base of his boots, the mutant is superhero detailed with lifelike textures and realistic folds over his blue, yellow and black costume over a muscular physique. Additional accents such as a weathered brown belt, combat-damaged shoulder armor, his shiny silver claws and hairy arms complete Logan's signature look.

Product size: 61 x 50 x 37 cm

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Expected Delivery Date January 2023

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