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Masters of the Universe Statue He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe 59 cm

Masters of the Universe Statue He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe 59 cm

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Statues Masters Of The Universe

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"By the Power of Grayskull! I HAVE THE POWER!"

Are you ready for amazing secret powers to be revealed? Sideshow and Tweeterhead present the He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette, the most heroic addition to your Masters of the Universe collectibles.

Representing the epic transformation of Prince Adam and his fearsome cat Cringer, this deluxe maquette celebrates the characters' original two-dimensional appearance with an in-depth three-dimensional update. The dynamic He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette measures 23.25" tall, 16.75" wide and 25.75" long as Eternia's greatest warrior and his valiant mount charge into battle. He-Man raises his sword and shield to defense of Castle Grayskull as Battle Cat leaps over the jaw-like drawbridge in the mysterious gart. This maquette also includes a replacement hand for He-Man to swing his battle ax weapon and a sheathed sword for the warrior's back. With so many display options in your arsenal, the will call you Man-At-Arms!

The He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette is fully sculpted with detailed textures and movements, from Battle Cat's green and orange fur to the flow of He-Man's iconic blond hair. The mighty prince's costume includes his signature red and silver chest plates, fur panties with a gold belt and a pair of wrapped brown boots. He-Man also features two different interchangeable chest plate emblems in both classic and modern designs. Battle Cat wears red armor consisting of a saddle and a spiked helmet. The forces of evil tremble before this empowered duo, prepared to fight to the finish to preserve Grayskull's secrets.

Pit He-Man and Battle Cat against the likes of Skeletor, Mer-Man and other foes, or team them up with allies like the Teela Legends Maquette from Tweeterhead, sold separately, for the ultimate Masters of the Universe display in your collection.

Harness the power of Grayskull for your own collection - get the Sideshow Exclusive He-Man and Battle Cat Classic Deluxe Maquette from Tweeterhead today.

Product size: 59 x 42 x 65 cm

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