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Megami Device Plastic Model Kit 1/1 Magical Baselard 15 cm

Megami Device Plastic Model Kit 1/1 Magical Baselard 15 cm

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Model set Megami device

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A new collaboration between Megami Device, Frame Arms Girl and MSG is here!

This model uses Frame Arms Girl BASELARD Animation Ver. that was modified in the Megami Device style as its base kit.

This special collaboration set is a set that includes the magical girl themed Expansion Armor Type E (Dress Ver.) and Alnair Rod.

*Only the base model parts for Baselard and the mecha pan parts from Zelfikar/Baselard are included.

Included items and model specifications:
·Expansion Armor Type E (Dress Ver.) includes several new parts with a white and bright pink color scheme. The skirt and band parts are articulated to accommodate action poses, allowing users to take full advantage of the full range of motion of the "machinika" body.
·Alnair Rod has an antique-inspired color scheme with two shades of gold. The parts can be swapped out to create different styles such as a magic staff, spear, sickle, wing units and more.
·The magic effect parts are made of clear red plastic and come in three sizes and different shapes, all equipped with 3mm joints for easy adjustment.
·The set contains three pre-painted face parts: Looking Forward/Blink, Looking Forward/Battle Expression, Looking Left/Prim Expression.
· The set contains a variety of weapons and joints that allow users to recreate different battle scenes.
·The model is equipped with multiple 3mm connection points, making it compatible with existing MSG, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl and Hexa Gear weapons and armor.
·The neck uses a 5mm ball joint compatible with distinct character models such as those from the Sousai Shojo Teien series.
·The set contains stickers for the eyes.

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