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No Game No Life Statue 1/7 Shiro 16 cm

No Game No Life Statue 1/7 Shiro 16 cm

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Statues No Game No Life

"With Disboard, the world where everything is decided simply through play, as the stage, humanity's only hope may be the closeted, brilliant real-world gamers known as ? (Blank)!?

From the anime No Game No Life, Shiro, one half of the ? ? (Blank) and Sora's little sister, being reproduced!

Her soft flowing hair draws attention with its rainbow coloring and is accented with a red shade that vividly recreates the distinct color from the anime.

With details such as the checkerboard-like base and checker in hand, various references to Shiro's best games have been crafted into this piece as a motif for this figure.

Even details like her golden crown and half-worn knee-high socks have also been finely sculpted.

Placed on a chessboard with a chess piece in hand, enjoy girl genius Shiro with her sweet and mysterious air to your heart's content by adding this figure to your collection today.


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