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Rocket Boy

Original Character Statue 1/6 Gina of the Lamp 26 cm

Original Character Statue 1/6 Gina of the Lamp 26 cm

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Statues Original Character

Original illustration by Amamiya, "Gina of the Lamp" is sculpted!

A figure rendering of "Gina of the Lamp" by popular illustrator Amamiya.
We recreated her titanic breasts and buttocks in generous mounds.

Gina's chest parts are interchangeable and her waistband is also removable.
Our Djinn comes with 2 types of face parts (regular and excited expressions),
So you can enjoy the combination that fulfills your 3 wishes.

Additionally, the base represents Gina emerging from the lamp, which is perfect for the volume of this figure.

Enjoy the ROCKET BODIED Gina at your fingertips.


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ON DEMAND product. Delivery time approximately 1-3 weeks

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