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PG GUNDAM Astray Red Frame 1/60

PG GUNDAM Astray Red Frame 1/60

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Official Bandai Gundam Model Kit

The highly anticipated Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame has finally arrived! After a long hiatus without any brand new entries in the Perfect Grade line since 2004's Perfect Grade Strike Gundam, Gundam modelers around the world now get to build a spectacular 1/60 scale kit of the popular mecha piloted by Lowe Guele in " Mobile Suit Gundam Seed on the Run”!

The set is exquisitely detailed with great attention paid to rendering its intricate mechanisms. Its snap-fit ​​parts can be assembled without the use of glue and also come cast in color, so no paint is required to complete the model. When complete, the mobile suit will be fully articulated thanks to its super-flexible internal body frame capable of holding numerous realistic action poses, and its individual fingers are also poseable! The "camera eyes" light up with internal wiring and a single LED (a CR1220 coin cell battery is required, not included). Die-cast metal connecting parts are carefully provided for stability. Its cockpit hatch opens to reveal a pilot's seat for the included seated Lowe figure, and a standing Lowe in the same scale is also included. Marking stickers are provided to add custom details to the finished model, and you also get rubber stickers for the soles of the mobile suit for better grip on the surface so it doesn't slip while in a dynamic pose.

It can be equipped with its arsenal of weapons consisting of a beam rifle, a shield, two beam sabers and a mobile suit-sized Gerbera straight katana with a sheath. Its signature blade weapon is cast in silver and gold plating, adding to its realistic representation.

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