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Phantasy Star Online 2 PVC Statue 1/7 Matoi Nidy 2D Ver. 22 cm

Phantasy Star Online 2 PVC Statue 1/7 Matoi Nidy 2D Ver. 22 cm

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Statues Phantasy Star Online

From the popular Phantasy Star Online series, the heroine Matoi from Phantasy Star Online 2 is illustrated by Nidy-2D-. This figure is based on a brand new illustration made especially for this statue!

Matoi can be seen in her Mikoto Cluster outfit, carefully recreated with harder parts of the outfit painted a pearl color and softer parts painted differently to recreate the variety of textures on the outfit.

The hair uses clear parts to give it a realistic and almost transparent look. With the fine details in the sculpting of her hair, this figure beautifully showcases Matois' charm.

Matoi can be seen hiding her favorite flower from Naberius behind her back. This flower can be attached or removed from her hand to display it.

Markings all over her body have also been fully rendered.

This figure carefully replicates the style of the illustration, all according to Nidy-2D's exacting specifications to create this special version of Matoi. Add her to your collection today!

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