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Power Rangers Ultimates Action Figure Green Ranger (Glow) 18 cm

Power Rangers Ultimates Action Figure Green Ranger (Glow) 18 cm

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Action figures Power Rangers

The Green Ranger's powers are slowly being drained away by Rita Repulsa! Can the rest of
Will the Power Rangers help Tommy before it's too late? This highly articulated 7" scale
glow-in-the-dark Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Green Ranger is inspired by
Season 1's "The Green Candle" episodes and features a glow-in-the-dark effect body, intricate
sculpt, premium paint detail, interchangeable heads, hands and arms, plus a
selection of additional accessories. You'll be powerless to resist adding the custom-made,
glow-in-the-dark Might Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! Green Ranger!


- 3x replaceable heads
- 1 x helmet head
- 1x smiling head
- 1 x neutral head
- 10x interchangeable hands
- 2x grasping hands (vertical)
- 2x grasping hands (horizontal)
- 2 x fists
- 2x martial arts hands
- 2x Morph Grip hands
- 4x replaceable arms
- 1x Dragon Dagger
- 1x Dragon Shield
- 1x Dragon Morpher


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